Imagine how you calm your breath, slow down your internal pace. You relax your body and let it float freely in a state of weightlessness …

You look around leisurely and see other people, just as you freely floating in space. You are slowly approaching each other and grab hands. You create a floating circle.

You meditate together for a moment, then simultaneously let out fully focused breath. A breath that in a visible way lifts your intentions into heaven ….


In the clear and warm waters of the Red Sea, there will be extraordinary personal development workshops. Together with a group of participants, you can learn meditation techniques that enhance mindfulness and sense of presence. During the weekly program, you will take part in activities on land and in water, leading to the final meditation in a circle under water!

You meditate? Diving naturally strengthens the mindfulness experience. The basis is the consciousness of breathing, a sense of balance, relaxation and slowing down the pace.

You don’t dive? You can do a certified training with us and join the workshop immediately.

You dive? – You have a new goal! Conscious unity with water, nature, Earth. You will experience underwater meditation, improve buoyancy, reduce gas consumption.

Intriguing? – get to know everything …  >>>

W trakcie pierwszego wyjazdu do Egiptu sfilmowaliśmy tamtą atmosferę i wydarzenia. Zobacz pełne emocji wywiady z uczestnikami, a także 13 minutowy dokument z warsztatów i podwodnej ceremonii w kręgu.



DIVE FOR LIFE is a broad project of activities for clean seas and oceans! Through the activities attracting media attention, we will draw people’s attention to threats and propose solutions.


Our first talks about the physical removal of plastics on a larger scale from the ocean are already underway.

Now you can do a lot of things such as giving up plastic straws, which are the cause of the death of countless underwater creatures, or taking with you an old plastic bag in which you collect the trash you find while walking the dog …

1. Sign up for DIVE FOR LIFE >> – You will take part in a media project which effect will be visible and measurable.

2. Recommend this project to your friends on FB >> maybe they would like to take part in it.

3. DIVE FOR LIFE – Career >> We are looking for people willing to take part in a global project.


The DIVE FOR LIFE project has an enormous global potential.

Join our newly formed TEAM and take part in this amazing project.

We are looking for:

– A person with film and diving experience who will create a short movie including interviews with people and underwater photos of the workshops.

– A person running a fanpage on FB who knows English well.

– A researcher with a good command of English who will search the internet in order to collect and send the necessary information.

– The graphic designers and IT specialists who are able to build and run a more extensive Dive For Life platform in Polish and English.


DATE: 6-13.04.2019 r. (Saturday – Saturday)

PLACE: Dahab, Egipt

COSTS of DFL workshops: 1000 PLN for divers /500 PLN for accompanying adults. Children under 12 years old free. Additional costs: flight, hotel and diving and /or diving training.

Applications or questions should be sent to email: info@diveforlife.org

Dawid Rzepecki and Zosia Rzepecka – the originators and organizers of the Dive For Life project, the leaders of personal development workshops in Poland and in the world. The founders ofTantraLove.eu. Divers NAUI Rescue Diver, Advanced Adventure SSI, Nitrox, EFR, DAN, AED.

Dawid Rzepecki and Zosia Rzepecka – TantraLove.eu.

Margita Ślizowska – co-organizer supervising the project from the diving side. Diving instructor, First aid instructor EFR and DAN. Technical and cave diver. The owner of the diving school XDivers.pl


Planet Divers Dahab -co-organizer supervising the project from the diving side. Diving instructor, First aid instructor EFR and DAN. Technical and cave diver. The owner of the diving school PlanetDivers.pl